Patient admission guidelines

Patient admission guidelines
1. Referral of the patient to the hospital admission unit
2. Getting a doctor's admission order from the patient
3. Receiving patient ID card
4. If the patient had a previous history in the hospital, the information of the previous record is placed on the agenda and, if not, after receiving the identity information, a record is filed for the patient.
5. Receiving a letter of introduction if the patient has complementary health insurance.
6. Receiving deposit if the patient has no health insurance.
7. Recording the received data in the admission program
8. Printing admission sheet of patient and attaching it to other patient records
9. Conducting the patient by the personnel of the concerned ward
10. Presenting patient records to the matron of the relevant ward
11. Hospitalization of the patient in the concerned ward and issuing the card (if desired)
In coordination with the relevant ward, please contact the admission officer for more information on 66465355- extension 355.
Patient visiting times
15 - 17
ICU ward
15.30 - 16