Madaen Hospital has started its activity with the efforts of the founders like Dr. Davoud Kazemi, Dr. Ataollah Toosi, Dr. Jahangir Vosoughi, Dr. Manouchehr Khojasteh and other members as well as Dr. Asharf-ul-Muluk Mosaheb with the aim of providing health services on Southern Saba Street on February 8, 1971. The center initially had 62 beds and internal ward, surgery ward, operating room, maternity ward, radiology and affiliated units. Gradually and over the years, it has been renovating and expanding to 162 beds.


Hospital introduction

The hospital's management is private and has a board of directors including:

Professors and doctors as follows:

Hospital CEO: Dr. Farshid Shabani

Chairman of the Board: Dr. Homayoun Samiei

Board members

Dr. Farshid Shabani

Dr. Homayoun Samiei

Dr. Ali Asghar Zafar Asoude

Dr. Mohammad Talebian

Dr. Hossein Nayeb Aghaei

Hospital Manager

Dr. Saeed Khan Mohammadi


Technical officer: Dr. Farshid Shabani

Nursing manager: Ms. Mojdeh Sayyadi

Financial manager: Ms. Maryam Abedini

Head of office of CEO: Ms. Vasavi


At present, the specialties in this hospital are

General surgery - Gynaecology - Open Heart Surgery - Cardiology- Pediatric Cardiology - Otolaryngology and endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery - Renal and urethral surgery - Thoracic surgery – Neurological surgery - neurology - Internal Endocrinologist - Infectious Disease Specialist - Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology – Pulmonology - Pediatric and neonatal specialist


CT-Scan – Radiology – Laboratory and Pathology – Pharmacy – Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy